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Bakersfield Sprinkler Repair

Our Irrigation repair service includes a complete range of quick troubleshooting and repairs at great prices. Our techs will make sure your system is running exactly how it should be.

Commercial Or Residential Sprinkler Repair

  • Water Leaks
  • Broken Sprinkler Line
  • Water Flooding
  • Leak Detection 
  • Locate and Repair Underground Leaks
  • Drive Way Leaks

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Broken water line

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We Handle Residential & Commercial

We specialize in providing quality Sprinkler Services for both residential and commercial landscapes in Bakersfield CA. With our vast years of experience, you can rest assured that we know how to handle any type of situation. Our qualified technicians are trained with the latest irrigation techniques and equipment to preserve the health of your lawn.

Controller Repair / Replacement

Controller is an irrigation timer that uses local weather and site specific landscape information to create a customized watering schedule for your home. These type of controllers create a watering schedule to better match weather conditions and your plant’s actual water needs. If the Controller is not working correctly then you can be using too much water or not watering at all. Contact Sunrise Sprinker in Bakersfield CA. 

Irrigation valve locating and repair

Control the flow of water to your grass in an irrigation system. These valves come in a variety of types that provide a constant supply of water to the various control zones you’ve set up throughout your lawn and garden.

Sprinkler Head Replacement

Sprinkler heads can easily become clogged with dirt and other ground residues. Clogged sprinkler heads impact the distribution of water across the lawn, potentially leading to patches that are drier and browner than others. Making sure sprinkler heads are clean and clear will keep the whole system running properly.

Broken pipe repairs, maintenance

No matter how small or large the pipe break, a leak will eventually erode the soil and create a hole in the lawn. Line breaks waste water and can cause damage by erosion or over-watering. Both Main Line and Lateral Line breaks should be repaired by an irrigation professional. Contact Sunrise Sprinkler Specialist

Sprinkler System Problems

Patchy lawn You should always be able to count on an irrigation system to deliver the exact amount of water to the grass, plants, and trees when needed. If you have noticed that the lawn is too green in some areas of your yard and brown in others, this could signify that something is wrong with your system.

High water bill Your irrigation system comprises a network of pipes, valves, and heads that transport liquid from the primary water source to your lawn areas. If the underground pipes burst, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in water utility bills, not to mention the yard damage.

Sputtering heads Although most sprinkler systems are designed to last for many years, some parts, such as the sprinkler heads, will need to be replaced from time to time. The most common cause of a sputtering sprinkler head is dirt or other debris. Dirt can get lodged in the sprinkler head components, causing them to malfunction. Debris can also reduce the water pressure in the system.